Thursday, June 23, 2011

Watch for double peak in semiconductor sales in 3Q12, says Information Network

The downturn in semiconductor sales over the past few months will lead to a double peak in revenues in the third quarter of 2012 before dropping again, according to The Information Network.

"Our Proprietary Leading Indicators (PLLs) show a peak in January 2010 and again in January 2011, which will be mirrored by a rebound in semiconductor sales," said Robert Castellano, president of The Information Network. "Semiconductor sales, based on SIA's three month moving average, peaked in September 2010, and we anticipate the second peak in the third quarter of 2012 before revenues start to drop."

Looking closely at SIA's statistics, a drop in April's 3-month moving average is largely attributed to a slowdown in Japan, Castellano pointed out.

"Our PLLs suggest that the upturn in the industry should have occurred in April 2011, but because of the impact of the earthquake in Japan, semiconductor revenues dropped. Macroeconomic factors such as a drop in gasoline prices and subsequent increase in Consumer Confidence will get semiconductor sales back on track," added Castellano.

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