Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elpida develops 4-layer DRAM package with 0.8mm thickness

Elpida Memory and its subsidiary, Akita Elpida Memory, have announced development of a four-layer 0.8mm DRAM package. The thin package consists of four low-power consumption 2Gb DDR2 mobile RAM chips, assembled using package-on-package (PoP) technology.

The four-layer 0.8mm package is an eco-friendly DRAM solution that will be used in smartphones and tablet PCs to make these and other mobile devices thinner and achieve a higher memory density, Elpida said. Volume production is expected to begin in the July-September quarter of 2011.

Elpida believes the four-layer package can respond to the need not only for greater memory chip thinness but also to customer demand for improvements in memory density and memory configuration.

PoP technology is used to assemble and test different kinds of semiconductor chips in individual packages. These packages are then stacked atop each other to form a PoP configuration. Since PoP technology enables reductions in mounting space and wire length, the technology is seeing rapidly expanding applications in the mobile device market.

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