Thursday, June 2, 2011

Microsoft postpones IDP for 2 weeks to re-consult with chip players

Microsoft has postponed its Integrated Development Program (IDP) for Windows 8 as the plan created significant dissatisfaction within the upstream supply chain. Microsoft is set to re-consult with the five major chip players about IDP, while Microsoft OEM vice president Steven Guggenheimer also paid visits to executives of Acer and Asustek Computer on June 1, to communicate and is set to re-release details of IDP after two weeks, according to sources from notebook players.

However, whether the IDP will be modified or stay as originally planned is still unanswered.

The issues started after Microsoft reportedly planned to implement an Integrated Development Program (IDP) for Windows 8, inviting only five major chip players – Intel, AMD, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and Nvidia, to participate in testing of the operating system, while Microsoft would also allow the five chip players to each choose two of their downstream system partners to join.

The sources pointed out that since each major chip player can only pick two partners, the five chip players are all concerned that the move might offend its other partners and have all notified Microsoft about the difficulties. The participant list of notebook vendors did not include Acer and Asustek Computer angering the Taiwan players who believe Microsoft's action is not appropriate.

Sources from chip players pointed out that Microsoft's actions have their reasons, but the way the company unfolded the plan to its partners could make its partners feel unpleasant since players that do not participate believe they will lose the opportunity to launch Windows 8-based products first hand, which could seriously affect their product lineup in the future.

The chip players also noted that the development of ARM-based Windows 8 has difficulties and if Microsoft adopts an open development program as in the past, the company may not have enough manpower to support and answer all the problems and questions chip and system players have.

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