Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Samsung starts mass producing 3Xnm, 32GB modules for advanced server

Samsung Electronics has started mass producing 32GB memory modules, essential for cloud computing and advanced server systems, using 30nm-class 4Gb DDR3 DRAM chips, according to the company.

Samsung claimed that its 30nm-class 4Gb DDR3 chip offers an approximate 50% increase in productivity over a 40nm-class 4Gb DDR3, and is expected to achieve rapid market penetration. The new 1.35V 32GB RDIMM performs at up to 1,866Mbps, achieving a 40% improvement over a 1,333Mbps, 40nm-class 32GB RDIMM operating at 1.5V.

Samsung added it is now supporting the needs of the entire marketplace for 30nm-class DRAM solutions from mobile devices to enterprise server systems.

In addition, Samsung said it is scheduled to ship more energy-efficient 4Gb DDR3 built using 20nm-class process technology in the second half of 2011.

Samsung started producing monolithic 4Gb DDR3 DRAM devices based on 3Xnm technology in February 2011, which is only one year after it started producing 40nm-class 4Gb DDR3 DRAM devices. Just two months later, it began to provide 16GB modules to a number of server system manufacturers.

Samsung said it expects to have more than 10% of its total DRAM chip production in 2012 at the 4Gb (or higher) density

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