Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Computex 2011: ARM-based server market to see growth before 2015, says ARM president

Tudor Brown, president of ARM, at the company's pre-Computex press conference, pointed out that ARM-based server market in the future will have a great development opportunity as demand for cloud computing is gradually rising. Although the market may not see mass shipments of related products in the short term, he believes that the market will start seeing growth before 2015, following by the stabilization of the product's surrounding ecosystem.

Brown believes that that ARM will need to create a new ecosystem in the server industry as cloud computing will normally consume a lot of resources from the server and ARM-based CPU's advantage of having high system performance with low power consumption will suit such demand. Although the establishment of the new ecosystem will require some times, ARM is optimistic about the realization of such belief as it is already starting to occur.

As for server-related products, Brown pointed out that ARM already established an R&D team in 2008 for conducting all the pre-work and its Cortex-A15 for high-end applications will be provided to related vendors for development and testing at the end of 2011 with mass shipments to start after 2012.

Market watchers also pointed out that in addition to ARM's internal hardware R&D, the company has also been working aggressively with IBM through Linaro for expanding its software development and the strategy is believed to provide assistance to ARM's plan of establishing ARM-based server market.

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