Thursday, June 2, 2011

US-based Coby to highlight tablet PCs at Computex 2011

ablet PCs are one of the hottest items this year at Computex Taipei 2011, and while many players in this segment are Taiwan-based companies, international players such as US-based Coby Electronics will also be participating in the show to highlight this latest market trend.

During Computex Coby will be exhibiting its full tablet PC lineup featuring screen sizes of 7-, 8-, and 10-inches and larger devices can be seen on the company's future roadmap. Sold under the Coby Kyros brand, the devices run on the Android 2.2 and 2.3 operating systems (depending on the model), and according to Albert Zhou, general manager of ShenZhen Coby, the company will also introduce its newest 10-inch tablet PC company at the show.

Coby Kyros tablets are built around a 1GHz processor and feature HDMI, camera, microphone and speakers. The devices can be supported by various storage densities, including 4GB, 16GB and 32GB. Zhou pointed out that all Coby Kyros systems feature Wi-Fi support for connecting to the Internet and a host of other value-added functions including alarm clock, browser, calculator, calendar, and e-mail.

In terms of software, Coby also provides its own electronic books download app, Aldiko, to enable the Coby Kryos to be used as an e-book reader. Through e-music, users have access to a wide range of music such as classical to electronica to download. While other applications such as AppsLib allow users to download various Android apps.

One of the key advantages Coby provides with its tablet lineup is the company's strong background in delivering multimedia CE products to the market, Zhou explained. Coby has historically been strong in multimedia market segments including CD, DVD and MP3 players so all of its tablets have been tuned to deliver optimal multimedia functionality, according to Zhou.

Another advantage Coby has is its understanding of value in a competitive marketplace. Zhou noted that the Coby Kyros compared very favorable with other tablets on the market in terms of delivering performance at an affordable price level.

The company is optimistic about the tablet market. Coby estimates global demand for tablet PCs in 2011 will reach 60 million units, with Apple taking 80% of the market. The biggest market will continue to be the US but another big potential market is China. However, the company explained that demand in China's market is just getting under way, so actual growth needs to be observed closely. Demand in developing countries has great potential though, and global sales of tablet PCs will grow by 10% in 2012, stated Zhou.

Coby aims to continue to increase its market share of tablet PCs to 2% on shipments of 1.5-2 million units. In 2012, Coby will launch even more products to enhance growth, according to Zhou.

Coby Electronics is a US-based company headquarters in Maspeth, New York. The company began in 1991 when founder Mr. Young Dong Lee set out to deliver affordable CE products to the market. This core value still holds today as Coby continues to design CE products for people of all income levels.

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