Monday, June 27, 2011

Chinesegamer to replace 2/2.5D online games with web games

Chinesegamer International, a developer/operator of online games in Taiwan, will replace 2D and 2.5D online games to be developed in the future with web versions based on cloud computing and concentrate operating resources on 3D online games, according to company president Leu Shyue-sen.

While users of online games have to download software and purchase in-game items to play, web games do not have this requirement, Leu said. Chinesegamer is developing technology to enhance audio and visuals and the performance of web games to make comparable with online games, Leu indicated. These are reasons for replacing 2D and 2.5D online games with web versions to make 2D and 2.5D games more accessible to entry-level players, Leu pointed out.

Chinesegamer will focus on 3D online games as its flagship product line, with web games and mobile games to be auxiliary lines, Leu indicated.

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