Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ARM to own 40% share in 2015 notebook market with help from Windows 8, says ARM president

ARM CEO Tudor Brown, during an exclusive interview with Digitimes, pointed out that he estimates that ARM will be able to take a 40% share of the global notebook market in 2015, helping the company to compete against CPU giant Intel.

In addition to notebooks, ARM will still maintain its leading position in the tablet PC market in 2015 with a market share of 85%, Brown estimates.

Brown pointed out that the ARM group has tried to launch ARM-based devices that share similar functionalities as notebooks, such as Smartbook, but demand from consumers was weak since consumers still have expectations for the devices to feature the same performance and compatibility as traditional notebooks, while consumers also found the Android operating system difficult to get used to.

With cooperation with Microsoft, Brown pointed out that both ARM and Microsoft believe their partnership will have a chance of creating a brand new demand driver. Without the chance, ARM may never be able to cut into the notebook market, Brown added.

Brown believes that notebooks in the future will be even lighter, convenient, cheaper and have longer running times, and all these features will just be standard features for a regular notebook product.

Brown pointed out that Intel's chips consume too much power and are easily overheated; therefore, Taiwan's hardware industry in the past has been investing to resolve PC heating problems and everybody's thoughts were on how to make products smaller, while reducing the heat generated by the CPU. With a chip that does not heat up easily, everybody can start putting their focus into creating other innovations, Brown added.

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