Sunday, July 10, 2011

TSMC to lose Liang, says paper

Mong-Song Liang will resign from the faculty of National Tsinghua University (Hsinchu, northern Taiwan) at the end of July, and is ready for his new career at Korea-based Samsung Electronics, a Chinese-language Commercial Times report has claimed.

In an internal letter issued by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) R&D head Shang-yi Chiang, Chiang clearly pointed out that Liang has decided to join rival Samsung as its R&D VP, according to the report. TSMC also sent a notice to its employees saying that considering company competitiveness, TSMC does not wish to see any of its staff continue to have work-related exchanges with Liang, the report said.

Liang was formerly a senior director of R&D at TSMC's Advanced Modules Technology Division, and had worked for the foundry for about 17 years. Liang was one of the key figures assisting in TSMC's establishment of advanced process module development and traffic patterns.

Rumors have circulated since late 2009 that Samsung successfully headhunted Liang from TSMC. But so far, neither of the companies confirmed the rumors.

Rumors also spread previously that Liang might rejoin TSMC following the foundry's re-appointment of Shang-Yi Chiang as senior VP of R&D. Liang used to work under the management of Chiang.

Industry observers believe that Liang's work experience will help Samsung shorten the learning curve and solve yield issues. The leader in memory chip production reportedly is gearing up for a bigger share of the pure-play foundry pie.

Samsung recently announced it has qualified 28nm LP process with HKMG technology, and is ready for risk production. The company also introduced the addition of 28nm LPH HKMG targeted specifically at mobile device applications.

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