Saturday, July 23, 2011

MediaTek launches 4-in-1 chip targeting smartphones, tablets

MediaTek has rolled out a new 4-in-1 SoC solution designed for smartphones, tablet PCs and portable electronics devices. Dubbed MT6620, the solution integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0+HS, GPS and FM transmitter/receiver on a single chip.

MediaTek said it is now shipping the new solutions to leading customers in sizable quantities.

MediaTek is believed to be one of the two in the industry to offer 11n/Bluetooth/GPS/FM combo chips for mobile technology devices, industry sources have claimed. A similar solution from Qualcomm is still in the development stage, the sources said.

The MT6620 is being identified as MediaTek's killer product, the sources indicated. The 4-in-1 SoC solution is able to save end device manufacturers at least US$2-3 in production costs compared to single chips integrating two to three functions, the sources said.

MediaTek chairman Tsai Ming-kai previously remarked that basic demand for current hot-selling items including tablet PCs and smartphones would remain in the third quarter, responding to speculation that the third quarter of 2011 is unlikely to enjoy peak season effects as seen in past years.

MediaTek saw its revenues grow 5.5% sequentially to NT$2.1 billion (US$72.7 million) in the second quarter, meeting the lower end of its NT$20.9-22.3 billion guidance range. Market observers expect the company's revenues to enjoy 15-20% sequential growth in the third quarter, citing brisk sales of its "value-added" 2.5G chipset solutions in emerging markets.

MediaTek is scheduled to hold an investors meeting on July 27 to discuss its performance in the second quarter, and provide its guidance for the third quarter.

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