Monday, July 25, 2011

Increasing back-to-school demand to boost PC and e-book reader sales

Sales of notebook, desktop and e-book readers, which are targeting education and document processing purposes, will have a chance to see a significant growth in the third quarter as demand for the back-to-school period, which usual starts from mid-July to mid-September in Europe and the US, has already started to appear, according to sources from PC players.

Several channel retailers in the US and Europe such as Amazon and BestBuy, have already started promotions for back-to-school shopping with products such as notebooks, desktops, e-book readers, printers and tablet PCs the major promotional items.

With e-book reader sales continuing to grow in the US and Europe, the global e-book reader market is expected to reach a scale of 20-30 million units in 2011, and as the largest e-paper supplier E-Ink expanded its capacity for the second half more than 1.5 fold that in the first half, strong demand from the back-to-school season will allow the e-book reader industry to be able to compete against the tablet PC market, the sources added.


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