Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Intel to launch new Celeron processors in September

Intel is set to launch several new Celeron processors for both desktops and notebooks in September, and will gradually phase out some existing Celeron models.

Intel will launch dual-core Celeron G540 (2.5GHz) and G530 (2.4GHz), and single-core Celeron G440 (1.6GHz) processors for desktop PCs with prices at US$52, US$42 and US$37 in thousand-unit tray quantities, respectively, and will gradually phase out six existing Celeron processors including E3500 and 450.

For notebook platforms, Intel will launch dual-core Celeron B840 and B800, and single-core Celeron B710 as well as an ultra-low-voltage single-core Celeron 787 processors with prices at US$86, US$86, US$70 and US$107.

For netbooks, Intel is set to launch dual-core Atom N2800 and N2600 CPUs with prices at US$47 and US$42, while for nettops, Intel will offer dual-core Atom D2700 and D2500 CPUs with prices at US$52 and US$42.

Although market watchers originally expected Intel to phase out its Celeron series processors due overlap with its Atom series processors, Intel, in the end, decided to use Celeron to guard its entry-level PC business and defend the assault from AMD's new entry-level APUs.

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