Monday, February 14, 2011

Touting Smaller iPhone

Funny, Mobile World Congress is going on in Barcelona, yet speculation is rampant about Apple (AAPL) despite the company’s lack of a direct presence at the show.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail this morning offers the most emphatic version yet of the story making the rounds about a smaller model of the iPhone being in the works, something that’s been a rumor at various times in past years, but that was revived last Thursday by Bloomberg. WSJ picked up on the story over the weekend.

Today, the Mail writes that “Apple is working on a new version of the iPhone which will be smaller and cheaper than current models,” citing an anonymous source close to the company. The new iPhone can cost just $200 without a contract, the source tells the Mail. As noted by Bloomberg, the prototype, which was seen last year, was a third smaller than the iPhone 4. (Exact dimensions are not specified.) And it had no “home” button, according to the Mail’s source.

Apple is aiming to introduce the device this summer, the source says, as a separate introduction from the next version of the regular iPhone.

Sounds to me like the same source in each of these stories, and I wonder if at this point the rumor is simply feeding upon itself.

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