Thursday, February 17, 2011

Global desktop shipments to reach 152 million units in 2011

Benefiting by the economic recovery, shipments of desktop PCs, which account for 65% of enterprises' PC purchasing, reached 148 million units, up 16% on year in 2010, according to Digitimes Research senior analyst Joanne Chien.

Chien expects purchasing from the enterprise market will continue to boost desktop shipments in 2011, but only about 3% on year to 152 million units. Within the 2011 desktop shipments, 20% will be all-in-one PCs which are expected to become the new growth driver for the desktop market in the future.

Although Taiwan-based motherboard makers had played important roles in the desktop market, their shipment performance in 2010 was not as pleasant as the global desktop shipments. The top-four makers Gigabyte Technology, Micro-Star International (MSI), Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) and Pegatron Technology, together saw their production volumes in 2010 drop 9.9% on year with volumes in 2011 expected to maintain at a similar level as in 2010.

The under-performing results of motherboard makers in 2010 was mainly due to the desktop DIY market being impacted significantly by brand desktops, while motherboard makers' orders were taken largely by system integrators. Some Taiwan makers' brand motherboard businesses also lost sales to new brands such as ASRock as well as China-based brands.

In 2011, Taiwan's top-four motherboard brand vendors/makers are estimated to ship a similar amount of motherboards as in 2010 with the brand segment to grow 2.1% on year to 52.18 million units and OEM segment to grow 0.3% on year, Chien added.

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